Culture News Society, 01/12/2017

200 moments of 2017: Poignant Photos Come to Kharkiv

The Day national newspaper opened its 19th photo exhibition in Kharkiv National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre on November 30.

According to the organizers, contest before the exhibition received over 3,500 works which had been taken during 2017. Among 200 artists, there are professionals and amateurs of different ages, some live abroad. However, the photos are all about Ukraine.

First 350 pictures, selected by the jury, were shown in Kyiv in October. Currently, 200 of them have been brought to Kharkiv.

Faces of ATO veterans who lost their limbs in the war on Donbas and their strength in overcoming their pain, wrinkled hands of old people and children’s eyes full of hope, everyday’s joy and sorrow – a huge range of emotions is presented through the touching pictures.

On a lighter note, the national newspaper couldn’t do without political satire depicting current Ukrainian officials. In one picture you can see the backs of President Poroshenko, General Prosecutor and Prime Minister with a short title “In the rear.”

Two elderly ladies, who are slowly walking along the Opera House lobby, watching the images, appear impressed. “We feel as if we are in different places at the same time,” they note. However, their main concern is about young soldiers, suffering children and dogs. “Those are really heart-rending,” exclaim the visitors.

The organizers called the exhibition “Photo-Synthesis,” hoping to “give a fresh look and anti-depressant that helps fight ‘social avitaminosis’ and producing oxygen for people by the joy and energy of Ukrainian daily life.” However, the war remains the main motif of current depicted events.

The Day’s editor-in-chief Larisa Ivshyna highlights that Kharkiv is an important city for their photo project, as it has revealed its “new image” in recent years.

“The city defended itself so courageously, its people showed their character and started to develop the region – they are worthy of great respect. Therefore, we wanted to support these brave people with our photos and to encourage others to follow their example,” Ivshyna states.

The exhibition will run until December 23. Later, the photos will travel to other Ukrainian cities.


Text, photo: Olena Sokolynska