Culture News, 15/05/2018

3D Rabbit by British Master Gladdens Kharkiv

British street art painter nicknamed FANAKAPAN has depicted a funny rabbit getting out of a magician’s hat in Kharkiv central area.

The image is displayed on the house wall located at 17 Nezalezhnosti Ave.; it is made in 3D technique which is typically used by the British muralist.

The organizers say FANAKAPAN is well-known all over the world, he painted about 50 murals in many European countries, as well as in Australia, the USA, Kazakhstan, Hong Kong and China. The technical director of the Kailas-V creative group Andriy Palval says that the British artist was invited within the festival “Mural Fest 2018” and his work became the first one this year.

In other countries, the artist painted some sea inhabitants like a crab, a shark and a whale to protest against their slaughtering. He explains that although his paintings usually carry social messages, this one was created just to entertain Kharkivites and make them happier.

The British artist noted that while he was working the passersby were waving and smiling at him. “That was obvious they liked my work, so my efforts have not been vain.”

Creating this piece of art took the master three and a half days. Also, he spent 50 balloons of aerosol paint and 10 liters of water-based paint.

“We are happy that an artist with his own recognizable style is taking part in our festival,” says Andriy Palval. “FANAKAPAN is one of the pioneers of the balloon letters style, when the image is drawn in the form of an inflated balloon. This technique allows creating a real 3D effect in the picture.”

The organizers add that Kharkiv streets are open to the masters of street art who can add colors to the city space.


Text: Olena Sokolynska