Culture In Depth, 14/04/2018

4th Block X International Triennial: Global Design Event in Kharkiv, Ukraine

April 20-28, 2018, Kharkiv, Ukraine, will host The “4th Block” X International Triennial of eco-posters – #4thBlockХ. The uniqueness of The “4th Block” International Triennial is defined by its nature – there is no other known design event which brings together the world design community on the nuclear disaster ground. In the remote 1991, The “4th Block” International Triennial was founded by Oleg Veklenko, considered to be the legendary personality in the realm of graphic design in Ukraine and the world, who became the Chornobyl disaster fighter in early May 1986.

Currently “4th Block” International Triennial is a global contest of eco-posters with the participants from up to 50 counties of the world. The Triennial aims to support the global sustainable development of the society by the cultural changes with the help of art and design. Triennial is one in three years exhibition of short list graphic posters devoted to vital environmental, social and eco-educational topics.

The #4thBlockХ is devoted to the Women`s View of Ecology and Society. This time the jury members are women only. As usual, the jury members are leading graphic designers from all around the world: USA, Japan, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Germany, Russia, India, South Korea, China, Finland, Mexico, France, Switzerland, Ukraine and other countries. #4thBlockX contest accepted the eco-posters in graphic design nominations: Woman / Peace, Children / Hope, Cats))) Love. Overall, 912 graphic designers from 38 countries applied with 3000 eco-posters to participate in the current contest.

Opening the exhibition at Seventh Heaven location, Ave Plaza Shopping mall, Sumskaya Str., Kharkiv, Ukraine, The “4th Block” IX International Triennial, April 2015


The #4thBlockХ will present 800 eco-posters of graphic designers from the short list of the contest. These exhibitions will be seen in seven art galleries of Kharkiv: YermilovCenter, Come in Gallery, Kharkiv Architecture School, Ampersand, Semуradskogo Art Gallery, the gallery of the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts, “Mekhanika” Art Factory.

The history of “4th Block” International Triennial


This year #4thBlockХ program, for the first time, will cover the whole week. Except for exhibitions itself, it includes Children Art Day with recycled stuff creation, 48-hours of EcoHackathon aimed to design the innovative solutions in urban infrastructure and responsible consumption technologies, the concert of Teatro alla Scala, Milan, soloists in Kharkiv National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater and two days workshops of jury members.

The “4th Block” International Triennial in digits


Any person could attend or participate in any event for free, except Teatro alla Scala soloists charity concert.

The “4th Block” International Triennial is global volunteering project as well. Volunteers in different countries support the framework of the project. More than 500 volunteers worked for ten Triennials during previous 27 years. Usually, international cultural funds supported the Triennial partly. But this anniversary time turned out to be challenging. The organizers decided to use crowdfunding to cover some costs which could not be sponsored by partners and volunteers, and people responded with their donations. And they continue to join.

The exhibition at Seventh Heaven location, Ave Plaza Shopping mall, Sumskaya Str., Kharkiv, Ukraine, The “4th Block” IX International Triennial, April 2015


The posters, which have been submitted to the collection of the “4th Block” Triennial, are the basis of ecological and social exhibitions and campaigns worldwide. Last years, the exhibitions of posters from the 4th Block collection were held not only in Ukraine but in Poland, Germany, France, Italy, USA, Canada and other countries of the world. The power of visual art and posters encourage humans to think about eco-social issues in a bright and understandable form.

Organizers believe, based on the participation of leading graphic designers from the globe in “4th Block” X International Triennial, Kharkiv will become the capital of world graphic design for a moment.

More information about current activities of “4th Block” International Triennial and design community life is available on Facebook – the4thblockInstagram – 4thblock_community and Twitter – @4BlockTriennial.

Text: Alina Zubkova

Pictures: Maria Ruban, Photolaboratory, Daria Titarenko, Alina Zubkova