Business News Science Society, 24/05/2017

50 Thousand for Kharkiv ‘Financial Genius’

Kharkiv ninth-grader Artem Filimonov won the Ukrainian national economic Olympiad “Financial genius”. This year winner received a grant of 50,000 UAH for university studies from the organizer of the Olympiad – PrivatBank.

Conventional tests and tasks were replaced by the business cases which have been developed by the bank’s top managers. In the final of the Olympiad, the schoolchildren offered their projects for the development of JuniorBank and had a fascinating team quest in the PrivatBank’s head office.

“This is the most popular school Olympiad in Ukraine, where any student can take part in and become a grant holder, regardless the grades in his report card or school specialization,” said the chairman of the board of PrivatBank, Olexandr Shlapak.

Almost 1,000 pupils from 268 settlements of Ukraine fought for the right to be considered the financial genius of the year. 20 participants who got the maximum possible competitive scores, came to the finals.

“Financial genius – 2017” also became a record holder on the successful task performance, while the complexity of tasks not allowing even some students of economic universities cope with them.

Text: Anastasia Mitrofanova