Culture News, 09/10/2017

About Japan in Ukrainian, About Ukraine in Japanese

Since last week, the exhibition of children’s drawings and decorative works within “This Magnificent Japan” regional contest has been taking place in Kharkiv oblast children’s library.

The main motto of the contest is “About Japan – in Ukrainian! About Ukraine – in Japanese.” It implies that the language of art can unite children of countries that are located so far from each other.

According to the event organizers, it aims to create stronger ties between Ukraine and Japan. And the main task is to create a convincing interest for all Kharkiv region’s kids in Japanese traditional and modern culture, folk customs and historical traditions.

More than 150 works participate in the contest with most Kharkiv region’s districts represented. About a third of the entries, 47 in total, were entered into this competition from Bohodukhiv district and 20 works arrived from Valky district. Five works from Lozova town and two works from Volchansk district were also included.

As the library staff noted, all the pupils-readers from Kharkiv and the Kharkiv region, including fifth-10th graders, aged 10 to 16 could participate in the contest.

Initially, it was planned that the competition would include the following nominations: drawing, origami, literary texts (haiku or essay).

But, among the works that were sent to the contest, were also the works in ikebana, kinusayga and others styles that were not included in the initial list of nominations. Nevertheless, according to the library officials, the jury of the contest will review them for suitability.

Text: Natalia Ivanova