Established in 2014 as a Facebook page providing unbiased first-hand information in English from Kharkiv in response to Russia’s worldwide disinformation campaign against Ukraine, Kharkiv Observer is gradually developing into an independent citizen media. We provide news and opinions from Kharkiv, the second largest city in Ukraine, to a global audience. Among our local partners are the most active Kharkivites, NGOs, and socially responsible businesses.

In 2016 the International Renaissance Foundation supported the launch of the Kharkiv Observer news and opinions website.

The mission of Kharkiv Observer is to enhance the prosperous and democratic development of Kharkiv region as the north-eastern boundary of Ukraine, as well as its integration into global information community by giving an international voice to Kharkiv.

Kharkiv – the largest city in the east of Ukraine and 16th in Europe with 1,4 m population – is viewed by many as a huge knowledge and manufacturing hub that seeks the corresponding position within the European and global community. Promoting Kharkiv going global initiative is the key solution for the challenges the city faces in modern economic and geopolitical situation.

In this effort, the English-language news and opinion website strives to become a unique discussion platform for various groups of Kharkiv region residents empowering civil society to speak up, to become internationally visible and to develop people-to-people diplomacy. Currently, Kharkiv Observer aims to build online citizen media capacity and to create a local civic journalism community writing in English.

In particular, Kharkiv Observer endeavors:
– to serve as a platform for shaping new discourse for Kharkiv as a global city and city of changes,
– to facilitate productive dialogue on socially important topics like the process of reforms in Kharkiv region and Ukraine, as well as
– to introduce new trends and ideas both on a local and global scale.

Kharkiv Observer is open to partners willing to jointly explore themes requiring media coverage in English.


Tatyana Chernetska

Anastasiya Makarenko
co-founder, operations, editor

Taras Danko
co-founder, development, editor

Olena Sokolynska

Iryna Klymenko

Kate Litvinova

Natalia Ivanona

Victoria Sklyarova

Marina Kosenko

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Our team is grateful to our friends and supporters who helped us at different stages of our development. Joe Plommer began collaborating informally with Kharkiv Observer in the fall 2015, and in March 2016 was appointed to mentor the team behind the project as we prepared to expand it from social media to own website. He edited most of Kharkiv Observer’s content from July to October 2016. John O’Brien, an American volunteer who does so much for Ukraine and Kharkiv, offered us prompt proofreading and editing, valuable advise and critique.