News, 22/08/2018

AEBR Youth Forum: Youngsters From All Europe Meet Cross-Border Cooperation Experts in Kharkiv

The 10th Youth Forum of the Association of European Border Regions gathers in Kharkiv on August 20-25. For the first time, Kharkiv has won the exclusive right to host the AEBR Youth Forum among other Ukraine’s regions and to receive European and world experts on cross-border cooperation.

The theme of this year’s annual event is “Preservation of natural, historical and cultural heritage of the border region.” During four days, participants immerse into the culture, history, as well as socio-economic and educational environment of the area, with an emphasis on its cross-border dimension in Ukraine and, especially, Kharkiv. Active young people from around Europe representing international professional organizations or simply being curious students join the anniversary forum.  This year participants can meet potential partners from Poland, France, Slovakia, Turkey, Serbia, Austria, Italy, Montenegro, Greece, Finland and Ukraine.

The extensive program of the 10th AEBR Youth Forum consists of a series of lectures and presentations by the leading Ukrainian and international experts on cross-border cooperation and regional policy, training seminars, strategic debates and roundtables. A separate day of the forum is devoted to presentations by participants of the border regions and excursions around Kharkiv region, in particular, a visit to the Staryi Saltiv newly amalgamated community.

The participants of the event will also find out more about the international educational programs in Ukraine, the experience of European countries in preserving cultural heritage, strategies for the development of border regions.  The youngsters will have a chance to attend a theater and design festival. According to the program, an excursion around the city will be delivered by a charismatic guide and well-known Kharkiv artist Max Rozenfeld. Participants will also meet Kharkiv citizens who are considered the prominent figures in the field of culture and art.

This year’s Forum is organized and hosted by the Kharkiv Regional Council with support from the Karazin Kharkiv National University,  National University of Urban Economy, Simon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics.

Reference: The AEBR Youth Forum was launched in 2009 by the Task Force on External Borders of the Association of European Border Regions. In previous years, the AEBR Youth Forum was held in Italy, Finland, Greece and Serbia.

Text: Kateryna Tereshchenko

Photo: Kharkiv Regional Council