News Society, 01/11/2017

All-transport Pass Introduced in Kharkiv

New system of electric transport fare payment called Eticket is being launched in Kharkiv since December 1.

The integrated pass will allow paying for all ground electric public transportation like trolleybuses and trams. Metro will get connected to the system a month later, since January 1, 2018.

As soon as the system starts working, the private bus owners will be offered to join it, say the officials.

More than 500 terminals will appear all over the city, including 323 on the transport stops and 250 in the metro. By now about 200 terminals have already been installed. The terminals and electronic validators to control the payment are delivered to Kharkiv from the Czech Republic, where a single ticket system has already been implemented.

The total cost of introducing the all-transport pass and terminals is UAH 185 million ($6.9 mln).

Kharkiv Anticorruption Center points out that Pay Center LLC Financial Company connected with Mayor Hennady Kernes is realizing the project. According to the activists, half of the company belongs to the Finex-Capital Asset Management Company. It paid UAH 11 million ($450,000) dividends to Kernes in 2015.

Text, photo: Olena Sokolynska