Culture News, 06/12/2017

Alternative Festival for Creative Youth in Kharkiv

Festival of social innovations and new music “Plan B-2017” took place at several creative platforms in Kharkiv on December 1-3.

“Over 15 international and 40 Ukrainian speakers took part in the event. The festival was focused on the following areas: IT technologies, urban studies, environmental issues, arts and leisure activities, alternative education, volunteer initiatives and social entrepreneurship,” the organizers reported.

The day program included lectures and panel discussions. Evening entertainment gave the guests an opportunity to find out more about international modern musical and performance culture.

One of the lectures was dedicated to a successful attempt to promote tolerance and cultural development in Mali. During the struggle against Islamic radicalism invasion in his country, Manny Ansar initiated the musical Festival in the Desert. It aimed to rise up against prohibition to play music. Songs and music themselves became their weapon against the threats of religious radicalism.

Notably, founder and chief executive officer of the  Teple Misto (Warm City in Ukrainian) organization Yuriy Fylyuk initiated a new model of city’s transformation, created in Ivano-Frankivsk. It represents a platform for initiatives, which particularly tries to deal with the remnants of paternalism in Ukrainian society.

The festival takes place for the second time. The first one was carried out in Kharkiv, Kramatorsk, and Sloviansk in 2016.

Plan B-2017 is a cross-cultural festival of social initiatives, focused on celebrating humanism and creativity. Highlighting a large variety of topics, it covers a wide range of interests, attracting participants of different ages and motivating them not to stand away from the problems, which they face every single day.

The festival was organized by the cultural organization “Cultural Agency A” under the support of United States Agency for International Development.

Text, photo: Maryna Kosenko