Culture News Society, 03/12/2017

Amateur Artists Demonstrate Mastery

From November 4 to December 1, the House of Scientists on Zhon Myronosyts Street has hosted an oil painting exhibition titled “The Sides of Mastery.” It has presented the works of amateur artists engaged in the studio under the guidance of a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine Natalia Pustovit.

Authors of the pieces are people of different professions: economists, professors of Kharkiv universities, doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs and homemakers. They all share a common hobby in painting.

Symbolically, the exhibition was arranged right opposite Kharkiv Art Museum. It took place for the fifth time. The participants emphasized that the opportunity to make the cherished dream to paint a reality has added colors to their lives. Some of them wanted to become painters in the childhood, but the harsh realities didn’t permit it. Now they can enjoy creativity, express themselves and break away from the everyday rat race.

The exhibitors’ works represent a variety of genres, styles and trends of modern and classical art. The painting techniques are also diverse and include classical multilayer painting, impressionist brush strokes or emotional palette knife.

The remarkable fact of the exhibition is its gender bias; there is only one man among the 21 participants.

Text: Olena Troyan

Photo: Lesja Kononenko