Business News Politics, 20/11/2017

American President’s Advisor Giuliani Visits Kharkiv

“Advisor to American President Donald Trump, former Mayor of New York Rudolph Giuliani came to Kharkiv yesterday,” Kharkiv City Council press-service informed.

Giuliani has attended “Kharkiv – Security and Order” meeting, which presented initiatives to improve security in the city. He also shared New York’s experience guarding the city’s safety and interaction between police and the local authorities.

Rudolph Giuliani and Kharkiv Mayor Hennady Kernes signed a Memorandum on the creation of information and situational center, which will unite all emergency services.

Kernes promised to learn from the American experience and to create such center in Kharkiv. The pilot project is for two cities – Kyiv and Kharkiv – but it will be implemented in Kharkiv first.


Last night, Rudolph Giuliani visited the presentation of “Is Lenin with us?” book written by current Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov. The minister gave Guliani his English-language book at the end of the event.

The article “Lenin is with us,” written by Arsen Avakov, came out in the electronic media in 2007 evoking a wide response among the public and causing a heated discussion on the Internet. Ten years later, the author revisits the topic adding a question mark to its title. The book highlights what factors prevent Ukrainians to become the community of free and responsible people and why they are still been influenced by the post-colonial syndrome.

Local media was interested to hear the guest’s impressions of the city. “Kharkiv is a very clean and pleasant city compared to some other Ukrainian, European and American cities and I can see Kharkivites love it,” Giuliani noted traveling around the city.

He was also surprised by Kharkiv’s architecture – its churches, wide boulevards, Maidan Svobody and Gorky Park.

Meanwhile, the Trump’s old friend and advisor visit is taking place amidst the Russian scandal in the USA, and Giuliani’s role in it raises questions back at home.

Text: Natalia Ivanova

Photo: Kharkiv City Council, Volodymyr Chystylin