News Society, 24/12/2017

Animals from Latvia Settle in Kharkiv Ecopark

Alpacas and markhors settled in Kharkiv Feldman Ecopark, reports its press-service. The ungulates were sent from Latvia.

The colleagues from Riga transferred to Kharkiv park one male and two female alpacas, seven male and two female markhors. The animals now live in an enclosure near with deer, and the visitors are already able to admire the new residents.

“This is a very valuable acquisition for the zoological collection of the Regional Landscape Park. There have already been several alpacas in Feldman Ecopark, while the screw horn goats appeared here for the first time. The animals, despite the long-distance trip, feel fine,” the Feldman’s Ecopark deputy director of zootechnics Valeriia Ivashchenko admitted.

Recall, that Feldman Ecopark actively cooperates with Riga Zoo. As a part of the international program for the preservation of rare species of animals, Riga has already transferred a female kiang and a male lynx. Moreover, nearly 30 exotic birds and animals, including capybaras, porcupines, rock cavies, African spoonbills, black-crowned and red-crowned cranes joined them in October.

Text: Iryna Klymenko

Photo: Feldman Ecopark