News, 24/10/2017

Another Crash Participator is Under Investigation

The driver of the second car having been involved in the deadly collision on Sumska street was put under guard in a hospital yesterday night, October 23.

Some journalists call this “an unexpected turn” in the investigation of the Kharkiv tragedy.

The 49-year-old Hennady Dronov was driving Volkswagen Touareg which hit the Lexus on the road crossing. The crashed car killed five and injured six people.

Whilst the Lexus driver, the 20-year-old Olena Zaitseva, was detained on spot and put to pre-trial jail for two months, the second driver got to the hospital with the concussion of the brain and he was considered a witness.

According to the police and surveillance videos, the Lexus rode to a red traffic light and exceeded speed limits. However, it is still unclear whether the second driver followed the rules on crossing the street or not, the police say.

Thus the investigators noted that Hennady Dronov could become a suspect after thorough learning the collision factors, carrying out all technical examinations to determine each driver’s degree of guilt.

According to the police, the status of Dronov might change in process of investigative measures being lead these days.

Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo: UNIAN