News, 08/11/2017

Another Tragic Crash Driver Imprisoned

Today November 8, Kharkiv court decided to take the second participator of the deadly crash on Sumska street into custody as a preventive measure.

The 49-year-old Hennady Dronov was driving Volkswagen Touareg which collided with Lexus on the road crossing on October 18. Lexus killed five and injured six people, its driver was detained on the spot. Later one of the injured girls died in hospital adding to the tragedy death roll.

Initially, Hennadiy Dronov claimed he was injured in the crash and stayed in the hospital. However, the investigator stated there were no medical evidence for his injures.

Prosecutors accused the driver of imitating health problems and evading participating in the investigation.

Experts have studied several videos of the collision, learned vehicles paths and interviewed 32 witnesses.

The driver of Volkswagen Touareg is suspected of not observing traffic lane markings and starting at the yellow traffic light.

After having listened to all the parties for over 10 hours the judge chose the preventive measure for Hennady Dronov of 42-day detention during the investigation without an opportunity of a bail.

Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo: 057