Society, 24/03/2021

Antibacterial Paper to be Produced in Kharkiv

“At the request of the Ranok publishing house, the Zmiiv Paper Factory has developed antibacterial paper where harmful germs do not grow,” Viktor Kruhlov, the director of the Ranok publishing house, informs on his Facebook page.

“A year of experimentation and new textbooks can be printed on antibacterial paper. Tens of thousands of bacteria and viruses live on our hands. We wash our hands with soap for protection. Doors and floors are treated with antiseptic. But textbooks that have been used for five or more years, can’t be washed with soap at school,” he highlighted.

“Special substance, polyhexamethylene guanidine hydrochloride, was invented in Germany in the 1960s but it wasn’t used then. Nowadays Kharkiv specialists added this chemical to the pulp during production. As a result, it prevents the growth of pathogenic flora. Chemists experimented with antiseptic substances for several months. At the same time, tests were carried out in a bacteriological laboratory. Epidemiologists grew pathogenic cultures on paper treated with a special solution and on plain paper and observed the growth of microorganisms. The result is impressive. Sanitary epidemiological station’s specialists confirmed that pathogenic flora does not develop on the surface of the biocidal paper for a long time,” explained the director.

Viktor Kruhlov specified that Ranok publishing house has already got a certificate for an industrial design, an application has been submitted to the patent office for this invention. Antibacterial paper is aimed at books of all types as they are in circulation for many years and handled by many different readers. If the initiative is supported by the Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science, textbooks with the biocidal paper will be printed this year.

Text: Natalia Ivanova

Photo: Gromada Group