Culture News, 08/09/2017

‘Arsenal of Ideas’ in Kharkiv

Arsenal of ideas” festival started in Kharkiv on September 7. It aims to unite science, innovations and industry and then become a permanent educational platform adapted for children with disabilities.

The first lady of Ukraine Maryna Poroshenko and Head of Kharkiv Regional State Administration Yulia Svitlychna took part in the opening ceremony.

The festival was opened in the lobby of the Electrotechnical Building of the National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute” which turned into “Arsenal of ideas.” 

Various devices for magnetic painting, 3D models of prominent world sights and architectural constructions are presented for the visitors. Each model is explained by the audio guide, voiced by volunteers of Guara Media public project and a small container with a place-specific odor. The author of the idea Taras Zhivokorensky explains that he has been trying to create exhibits allowing blind to feel “Art to the touch.” Those, who are sighted, have to wear blindfolds and feel the world in utter dark – its forms, odors, sounds.


The Literary Museum, the Historical Museum, the Art Museum from Kharkiv and Illia Repin’s museum complex from Chuhuyiv and the students of scientific societies presented their interactive expositions as well.

Among the guests, there were present some students of the gymnasium for vision-impaired children and their peers from the Aza Nizi Maza children’s art studio. Kids played together, built, painted, experienced the world to the touch and shared their impressions.

Rector of polytechnic university Yevhen Sokol announced that “Arsenal of Ideas” space is opened from Monday to Friday and that the members of the Council of Young Scientists have trained guides waiting for the visitors.

Maryna Poroshenko greeted the participants with the launch of the All-Ukrainian project “Arsenal of Ideas Ukraine,” which will eventually be distributed in other Ukrainian cities as permanent platforms. Soon, “Arsenal of ideas” will be opened in Mariupol and Lviv.

Earlier, during their joint visit to school No. 124, Maryna Poroshenko and Yulia Svitlychna signed a Memorandum on cooperation concerning issues in the area of introduction and development of an inclusive educational environment. 


After signing the document, the children, whose parents take part in ATO in Donbas, have joined in creating the “The Book of Peace.” It had already been filled in by kids from Turkey, the USA, as well as from 14 regions of Ukraine. Together with Maryna Poroshenko, they started a new section in the book in which they shared their family photos and wishes for a peaceful future. “The Book of Peace” will travel to Canada soon.

Text: Victoria Sklyarova

Photos: Victoria Sklyarova,