Culture News, 13/02/2019

Art Side of Plan B

Plan B Festival presents art projects in its day program.

A large-scale installation at Digital Garden exhibition created by Thorsten S. Wiedemann is open to the public. He calls his work a garden of life, game, dreams and love. He hopes that the exhibition will change visitors’ view at a video game.

Cintorum interactive exhibition will bring together electronic music performers from Kyiv, Kharkiv and Dnipro. These will comprise not only professionals but connoisseurs of electronic music.

Tolerance Traveling Poster Show will unite day and night locations. The exhibition will take place simultaneously in Mental Complex Studio, the festival’s daytime location and most of the exposition will be presented on the Loft stage of the Opera Theater CXID OPERA, the main night venue of Plan B festival.

A wandering project has already been presented in Slovenia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Spain, and the Netherlands, the United States and the United Arab Emirates.

A few years ago, project’s curator, an American artist of Bosnian origin, Mirko Ilic invited peers from more than 20 countries worldwide to make posters with the word “Tolerance” written in different languages, reflecting on various aspects of tolerant or non-tolerant attitude and on tolerance in general. The exhibition totals more than a hundred posters now.

Partners of the exhibition in Kharkiv are the community center for LGBT + PrideHub, Kharkiv Women’s Association Sphere,  National Democratic Institute for International Affairs, British Embassy in Ukraine, Public Alternative Foundation,  Memory, Responsibility and Future Foundation.

Text: Natalia Ivanova