Culture News, 30/11/2017

Artifact Exhibition in Archeological Museum

Scientific conference and presentation took place in Archeological Museum of Karazin Kharkiv National University at the end of last week.

The conference aims to show this year’s research results, as well as to promote learning of history and archeology.

Kharkiv scientists discussed the issues of exploring and protecting archaeological sites dating from the Paleolithic times to the late Middle Ages, both on the territory of Kharkiv and neighboring regions. Also, the exhibition of archeological findings of the 2017 field season was opened in the museum.

The participants of Scythians’ archeological expedition excavated the Skorobor burial mound necropolis. A large number of items, which had never been seen not only in Ukraine, but also in other countries, were discovered.

A leather quiver with 130 iron arrowheads, decorated with an iron gilded cone, and more than a dozen gold plaques were found inside one of the graves.


In the very corner of the grave, a set of ritual objects was discovered, including a bronze mirror-patera. Fifteen similar mirrors have already been known. They are all rather identical as if they were made in one workshop. Previously, the similar mirrors were found in eastern Ukraine, Central Europe, on the territory of ancient Olbia in the Black Sea area. But as for Poltava and Kharkiv regions, such mirrors had not been discovered here before.

Several items found in the mound are covered with pictures of different animals and birds. Archaeologists are amazed by an antler dish. It is unique as only six pieces of such dishes had been found throughout Eurasia, and this is the only one, which is unbroken.

About 400 items related to Alan’s culture were discovered during excavations on the territory of Verkhniy Saltov preserve-museum, located in the Vovchansk district.

Military-style ornaments, women’s jewelry, saddlery and arms, the variety of ceramics also presented at the exhibition were found in this location.

Kharkiv tour guide and activist Victoria Sklyarova hopes that visitors will be able to see these artifacts in Staryi Saltiv and Kotelva museums soon. The exhibition will be open until December 30.

Text: Natalia Ivanova