Culture News Society, 27/04/2018

Beauty, Inspiration and Peace of the ‘4th Block’ in Kharkiv

On April 26, during the 10th International Eco-Poster Triennial the “4th Block,” the awarding ceremony was held in Yermilov Center of modern art in Kharkiv. The jury announced the winners and summed up the best moments of the festival of eco-design.

Traditionally, the festival final was timed to the date of Chornobyl nuclear disaster – this year Ukraine is commemorating its 32nd anniversary. Many events and activities took place in Kharkiv on this day and the “4th Block” award became the final chord.

It was hard work to select the best posters as all of them were the embodiment of “beauty, peace, purity, love, creativity and contemplation,”  the organizers say. All visual images carry powerful messages, urging the preservation of fragile life and nature of the planet. Among the winners, there were artists from China, Poland, Iran, Argentina, Russia and Ukraine.

The Grand Prix was given to the poster “Mirror” by EL Fantasma de Heredia from Argentina, which tells a story of violence by depicting a face of a swarthy woman covered with bruises. All the festival artworks are displayed until May 19.

Many honorable guests and world-famous artists attended the event. Member of the European Parliament Rebecca Harms was among them and expressed her sheer admiration with the explosion of vibrant creativity.

Mrs. Harms specified she was invited to the “4th Block” exhibition a year ago. Therefore she arranged her itinerary in Kharkiv in accordance with the festival events, planning her official visits later. In the morning Rebecca Harms attended the meetings to commemorate the Chernobyl disaster fighters, met with the rescuers and ATO veterans who greatly impressed her.

“Chernobyl disaster and the current war on Donbas are two powerful tragic blows which hit Ukraine unexpectedly,” said Mrs. Harms. “However, I hope you are strong enough to stand and fight as you have incredibly gifted people. The ones, who amaze the entire world with their perseverance. All these posters are so inspiring – I am carrying their energy with me to Germany.”


Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo: The 4th Block, Olena Sokolynska, Olena Sarzhenko