Business News, 02/09/2018

Bicycle Rental Project Launched in Kharkiv

At the end of August, the first municipal bicycle rental trial opened in Kharkiv. In total, 20 stations are going to be launched within the project all over the city.

First rentals started operating on Maidan Konstitutsii, Maidan Svobody, near Naukova and 23 Serpnya metro stations, and at Gorky Park’s entrance.

The project was implemented by NextBike Ukraine, which is a branch of German bicycle rental company. Its representative notes the project aims to provide an alternative way of moving around the city. To rent a bike, a person should register on the NextBike site or download a relevant mobile application. After that, the user needs to enter a phone number and bank card details to pay for the rental.

An hour’s rental costs 20 UAH (about $0.7). Also, monthly and season subscriptions, 250 UAH ($9) and 800 UAH ($28)  respectively, are available. Bike rental works round the clock and Kharkivites will be able to leave the bike at the nearest point regardless of the point of departure.

Kharkivite Serhii Maleyev thinks cycling around the city is not just good for health but also saves time. “The commuter bikes, not the track ones are offered. I’ve just ridden it, everything was great!”

At present, municipal bicycle rental NextBike network operates in three Ukrainian cities: Kharkiv, Lviv and Kyiv. The service will be launched in Vinnytsia and Odesa soon.

Text: Natalia Ivanova

Photo: Kharkiv City Council, News Room, Olena Sokolynska