News Society, 25/07/2018

Blind Cyclists Join Stunning Inclusive Race

On August 5, the fourth bicycle race of visually impaired athletes starts in Kharkiv to finish in Kherson on August 24. The event is supported by the US Embassy in Ukraine.

For 21 days, the race participants will ride over a thousand kilometers around Ukraine on tandem bikes passing Poltava, Kremenchuh, Dnipro, Zaporizhia, and Mariupol. Visually impaired people will cycle together with their sighted partners and for the former, it will be the incredible opportunity to fulfill their long-awaited dream of riding.

The registration is in progress and up to now, about 60 participants have already logged in for the race. The organizers invite everyone to join the social action “I see! I can! I will!” aimed to support the Ukrainians with special needs and to protect their rights. “The main race purpose is to ruin negative stereotypes about blind people and create opportunities for joint trips by establishing local bicycle tandem initiatives throughout Ukraine,” the organizers point out.

As this is also a charity race, the raised funds will be used for a grant donor initiative named after Mykhola Pech, the blind activist from Lviv, who studied in the UK and the US and founded the Institute of Ukrainian Studies.

Text: Olena Sokolynska