Culture News, 25/05/2017

Bob Basset’s Artworks Are Showed in Kharkiv for the First Time

Kharkivites could look at the relationship of fashion, art, and technology in the modern context visiting Art & Fashion: New Dimension project prepared especially for the Museum Night. The exposition was opened only on May 20 in Yermilov Center.

One of the project’s key events was the exposition of Bob Basset art studio. Despite this is the Kharkiv-based studio, its artworks haven’t been shown in the city so far. However, exhibition goers in Paris, Milan, Hong Kong, Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo, London, New York, and Kyiv have seen the famous masks.

The conceptual basis of the exposition is a human skull as one of the codes and objects of attention of both fashion and art in general.

“The human head and skull, in particular, is a kind of a canvas. We draw on it every day, all our lives,” said a co-founder of Bob Basset studio Serhii Petrov.

Most of the Bob Basset’s works are in private collections around the world, thus it’s not easy to arrange an exhibition in Ukraine.

“Bob Basset is a perfect example that today Kharkiv artist can create not only magnificent works of art but world trends. And so to include Kharkiv in the world Art & Fashion context,” a co-coordinator of Art & Fashion: New Dimension project Natalia Ivanova said.


Text: Anastasia Mitrofanova