Culture News, 10/10/2018

Bright Fall Colors at Chrysanthemum Ball

The seventh Chrysanthemum Ball started in Feldman Ecopark last weekend. Florists planted out flower beds with more than 40,000 chrysanthemums of 25 various types.

The opening of the Chrysanthemum Ball was timed to coincide with Teacher’s Day, which is traditionally celebrated on the first Sunday of October.

About 100,000 guests from all over Ukraine visited the festival on an opening day. People took pictures in front of animals’ figures such as deer, tortoises under umbrellas and a ladybug, fairy-tale characters and even a globe made of flowers. There is also a Romantic Zone in the park where people may confess their love near the heart-shaped flower beds.

The visitors enjoyed music played by soloists in the gazebo over the lake with swans as well as symphony orchestra performance. Actors in medieval costumes entertained the guests. At both the Equestrian Complex and Children and Animals’ Theater a series of thematic performances timed to the fall festival took place. Also, kids and adults could participate in the contests and master-classes.

According to senior gardener Mykola Dvoretsky, the florists used frost resisting sorts of chrysanthemums, therefore, they will make the holiday last at least a month longer.

Text: Natalia Ivanova

Photo: Feldman Ecopark