News Society, 26/11/2017

Canine Units Patrol Kharkiv Streets

“Twelve Kharkiv patrol police officers have been attending the Cynology Training Center for four months. Five of them were with their own dogs, seven got dogs from the training center. At the end of the course, officers received certificates,” Kharkiv Patrol Police press service informed.

According to Head of Kharkiv Regional National Police Department Canine Center Vyacheslav Druchenko, canine team duties include tracking and detaining of suspects, escort of perpetrators, patrolling and controlling unrest during mass events. They also search for the missing, look for victims underneath the rubble in case of emergency and detect drugs, guns or explosives.

Police inspector Anna Babicheva has been working with a German shepherd for several months. They have to follow suspect’s tracks. “The work is hard but quite interesting,” the woman says.

The canine center trains about 80 dogs of different breeds. Golden retrievers, spaniels, Belgian and German shepherds are among them.

A six-year-old spaniel Rick helped to solve hundreds of crimes. Only during the last month, the dog detected drugs 15 times.

After getting the certificates, the police officers demonstrated dogs’ training skills to the audience. The animals looked for hidden explosive devices, drugs, overcame obstacle course and executed various commands.

Text: Natalia Ivanova

Photo: Kharkiv Patrol Police