News Society, 27/12/2018

Centre of Gender Culture: Look Back at 2018

Gender Museum has marked the 10th anniversary since its founding and has moved to new premises this year. Centre of Gender Culture, which was based on the original museum, was opened 3 years ago enabling it to develop the museum in a new format.

Thanks to the support of the European Union, Centre of Gender Culture was opened and became a cultural and educational space not only for exposition but for dialogue. As of now, it carries out a wide variety of activities for different target audiences.

Crowdfunding company that was organized this fall, made it possible to repair the museum’s main front entrance. In addition, exterior display cases, windows, and an entrance door were changed in the premises.

In the new interactive museum, thanks to the support of Ukrainian Cultural Foundation, “Through the Glass Ceiling” and “Invisible Battalion” displays became available for the visitors.

About 1,000 people, comprising adults and schoolchildren, have visited the museum this year. The guests also came from overseas, including the UK, Germany, Canada, Serbia and Poland.

The Center joined world action against gender-based violence which annually takes place between November 25 – December 10. It organized a series of activities related to this event such as a screening of the documentary film, a playback theater performance and many others.

According to Gender Museum’s director Tetiana Isaieva, new displays and expositions, developing of guided tours for junior and secondary schoolchildren are being planned for the coming year in the new premises at 124-A Moskovskiy Av.

Text: Natalia Ivanova

Photo: Centre of Gender Culture