Culture News Society, 07/11/2017

Children’s Festival Winners Go to Strasbourg

“On November 7– 11, the winners of the Ninth International Dytiatko Children’s TV Festival in ‘We are the Local Self-Government!’ category are visiting Strasbourg, France. They will get acquainted with the Council of Europe institutions,” Kharkiv Regional State Administration press-service reported.

Since 2012, the winners of this TV festival’s category have been participating in the World Forum for Democracy. The festival’s president, Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council Serhiy Chernov, has been initiating these trips in a partnership with the Council of Europe Office in Ukraine.

The forum takes place annually in the Palace of Europe. It gives the children a chance to communicate with people who establish democracy standards and protect human rights in the world.

The contestants from Kyiv Raduga TV Children’s Television Host Studio are among festival’s winners who go to Strasbourg. They got the first place for the “Replace Your Elevator” video. Members of a creative team from Blyznyukivsky district, the Kharkiv region, are going to visit French city too. They received a reward for making “The Success Story of our Community” video. Other lucky finalists are ObovsemKa Children’s TV studio representatives from Chuhuiv, the Kharkiv region, who shoot the video about the amalgamated community.

Head of the Office of the Council of Europe for Ukraine Morten Enberg visited the festival’s closing ceremony. The guest gave the winners certificates with the invitation to visit the headquarters of the Council of Europe.

Each visit to Strasbourg starts with the official part, which includes meetings, debates, and discussions. After that, the participants have a tour around the city.

“Is Populism a Problem?” is the theme for the 2017 forum.

Text: Natalia Ivanova

Photo: Status Quo