News Society, 16/10/2017

Children’s Unit of Palliative Care Opens in Kharkiv

The unit of palliative care is opened at fifth city children’s hospital. It offers services to the families whose children have incurable diseases in the terminal phase.

The unit has 20 beds where children can stay with their parents. It is fully equipped for treating young patients. It offers anesthesia, medical care, and special food, as well as psychological support for children and their relatives.

The mayor promised to allocate budget funds for an expansion of the unit. Soon, a dispensary for children with autism spectrum disorders and other psycho-neurological diagnoses will be opened at the hospital.

Earlier in Kharkiv, a video under the “Take off the blinders!” slogan was presented in which well-known doctors told about the issues of palliative care for adults. In the coming days, a number of events will take place in support of palliative care for cancer patients, including a charity auction and cleaning up of the hospice’s territory.

Reference: Palliative care is an approach that improves life quality of patients and their families facing problems connected with a life-threatening disease by preventing and alleviating suffering through the early detection, careful evaluation and ease of pain and other physical symptoms as well as providing psychosocial and spiritual assistance.

Text: Natalia Ivanova

Photo: Kharkiv City Council