News Society, 15/10/2017

Animal Rights Defenders Unite

Kharkiv joined the all-Ukrainian animal rights march. It aims to unite the defenders of animal rights and to let the authorities and society know that thousands of Ukrainians are ready to fight for humanity and animal rights.

More than 150 people with placards gathered at Maidan Konstytutsii to draw people’s attention to the humane attitude to animals. They marched to Maidan Svobody. People demanded to put an end to animal abuse in circuses and for entertainment, asked the authorities to introduce effective mechanisms to combat sadists.

According to the organizers, Kharkiv now is one of the leaders in a number of animal cruelty cases, and this situation needs to be radically changed.

“We will sign an appeal to the mayor and the deputy corps, in which we require to recognize cats as part of the Kharkiv ecosystem, to prohibit the poison stations and animal exploitation in circuses. We are against dolphinariums, fur industry and euthanasia as a method of animal population control,” the organizers said.


Text: Iryna Klymenko

Photos: Serge Utevsky, Nataliya Kovalenko