News Society, 03/05/2017

City Light Box Guides in Kharkiv Metro

Although city light boxes  are mostly used as smart form of outdoor advertisement, in Kharkiv these backlit showcases present the metro map and provide information about the major city attractions.

In addition to looking for your routes in metro, you can find out information about monuments of architecture, squares, parks and cathedrals.

“This is a unique social project, a kind of navigator: each box guides to the exit near the tourist sight”, the deputy director of the Kharkiv Metro municipal company Oleksandr Tkach says.

City light boxes have been installed in Kharkiv underground passages since April. Currently you can see them at Constitution Square, Historical Museum, South Railway Station, Botanical Garden, August 23d and some other stations in the central part of the city. Although some of them are not turned on yet.

According to Oleksandr Tkach, the guiding citylights will have been installed in the passages of all metro stations by July 1.

The innovation is supposed to be convenient not only for the city visitors and tourists, but for Kharkivites who might find it difficult to remember the new street names resulting from decommunization process started in 2015.

Kharkiv has become the first Uktainian city, where city lights present the streets history and help navigate the metro.

Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo at August 23rd station: Olena Sokolynska