Culture News, 02/10/2017

Classical Music Day in Kharkiv

The Classical Music Day took place in Kharkiv on October 1. Founded by UNESCO in 1973, it has always been popular among Kharkivites but for the first time this year, classical music was performed in unusual locations.

“Of course, we can’t move the organ out of the building, for example. But apart from the Kharkiv Philharmonic Society, the Kharkiv Opera and Ballet House and the Kharkiv National University of Arts, we managed to arrange two such locations in pubs. There were actually three of them if Studio 42 is taken into account, as the hub is not designed for those sorts of concerts,” stated head of the Day of Music organization Serhiy Zhukovsky.

The event organizers estimated that it attracted at least a thousand listeners. Over 120 musicians, five lecturers and two guides performed for them.

The organizers aimed to disprove the idea that classical music is boring and it’s only for professionals. “Classical music continues to evolve. Among other things, we presented the ‘Hypnosis’ by modern composer Jan Clark. This is a part for flute, but we transformed it into the part for violin,” member of Classical Underground band Olena Prokudova said.

The organizers will try to hold the event annually, as well as they expect the broadest support from Ukrainian and the world musical communities.

The project is co-sponsored by Day of Music organization, Kharkiv Philharmonic Society, Kharkiv National Kotlyarevsky University of Arts, the Council of Young Scientists under the Ministry of Culture, the Council of Young Scientists under Kharkiv Regional State Administration and the Kharkiv Assemblies Charitable Foundation.

Text: Natalia Ivanova

Photo: Andriy Azarov