Culture News Society, 10/04/2017

Contemporary Polish Art in Yermilov Centre

“Borders / cut lines” exhibition of Polish art from the collection of the Center for Contemporary Art in Torun (Poland) opened in Kharkiv gallery Yermilov Centre on April 7.

“Borders / cut lines” project gives an opportunity to learn more about Polish contemporary art, and think once again about the place and the role of an artist in the world.

The exhibition includes 40 exhibits: paintings, photographs, objects and installations, graphic design and video art. There are works by both famous artists who occupy a significant place in the newest history of Polish art and a young generation of artists who take risks and experiment.

“The starting point in thinking about the exhibition is that borders do not exist. They are the product of human imagination, or irrational human needs, that arise from his physical or mental state”, says Krzysztof Bialowicz, curator of the project.

The term cut lines (or crop marks) in the title is taken from typography technology, the curator explaines. These lines show what is important and what is not as they mark the part of the composition to be cut off from the final printed version. Thus the concept of the exhibition means there are no minor unimportant things, which don’t count.

The exhibition will last until May 14.

Text: Anastasia Mitrofanova

Picture: Dozor