Culture News, 10/07/2017

Creative Europe Welcomes Kharkivites

The framework of the Creative Europe program, recently opened for Ukraine, was presented in Kharkiv last Friday.

Representatives of Team Europe Kharkiv together with the National Bureau of the Creative Europe EU program in Ukraine and Kharkiv Regional State Administration organized and conducted the presentation. Symbolically, the event took place at Derzhprom building, significant cultural heritage site itself.

The meeting consisted of two parts: for representatives of culture (theaters, museums, libraries, etc.) and the second part for publishers. The program aroused great practical interest among Kharkivites. More than 130 people from different cultural sectors attended the meetings.

National Bureau head of the Creative Europe program in Ukraine Yulia Fediv delivered a presentation “The Possibilities of the Creative Europe Program for the Cultural and Creative Industries of Kharkiv,” told about the program, and answered many questions.

Creative Europe is the European Union’s program to support the cultural, creative and audiovisual sectors. During 2014 – 2020, €1.46 billion is available to support European projects with the potential to travel, reach new audiences and encourage skills sharing and development. One project can receive funding from € 200,000 to € 2 million. The Creative Europe program is open to cultural and creative organizations from Ukraine since January 1, 2016.

The participants of the meetings got acquainted with the objectives and priorities of the program, and requirements to the countries of the Eastern Partnership for participation in the program. They also learned about conditions for writing grant applications and preparing budgets, and ways to find partners abroad.

Text and photo: Anastasia Mitrofanova