Culture News, 18/01/2018

Cult Kurbas Performances Revived in Kharkiv

Today, the historical drama exhibition “Les Kurbas in Kharkiv” opens in the Yermilov Center gallery of modern art.

The exhibition is unusual as it recreates the atmosphere of Kharkiv of the 1920s, when one of the most amazing theaters Berezil, created by Les Kurbas in Kyiv, performed here. In the early 1920s, Berezil experimented with the stage movement and the latest theater’s innovations. The visitors will be able to learn about ideas and concepts, introduced by Kurbas.

Les Kurbas and the Berezil Theater moved to Kharkiv in 1926, hoping to create a new Ukrainian urban culture with their avant-garde plays “Narodny Malakhiy” (1928), “Allo on the Wave 477!” (1929) and “Mina Mazaylo” (1929).

The unique recording of the first performance of “Narodny Malakhiy” is to be played for the viewers, performed by a leading actor of the Kurbas Theater Yosyp Hirnyak in New York in 1960s. The visitors will also hear “Kharkiv, Kharkiv” song from “Allo on the Wave 477!” performance, which has become a jazz anthem of Kharkiv.

Reference: The exhibition is created through the joint efforts of the curators from Lviv, Kyiv and New York as well as outstanding Kharkiv artists and writers, including poet Serhii Zhadan. The display is based on the collection of the State Museum of Theatre, Music and Cinema of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Museum in New York. Famous theaters and museums of Kharkiv contributed to the outstanding cultural event.

Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo: Yermilov Centre