Business Culture News, 13/06/2017

Culture as a Driver for Local Economic Development

What role does culture play in the economy of a city, a territory, and a country? To share in Kharkiv the answers to this question, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania, the Embassy of Lithuania in Ukraine and Ukrainian Centre for Cultural Studies organized a seminar-discussion titled “Capital of Culture Program as an Instrument of Regional and Local Development”.

As the world changes, every city tries to keep up with it. Kharkiv representatives of the socio-cultural sphere believe that the creative economy is an important factor in the development of the city and oblast nowadays. Therefore, more and more Kharkivites join the discussions and initiatives aimed in this direction.

The seminar hosted by the Kharkiv Literary Museum became another platform for considering this issue.

Chief Specialist of the Regional Policy Department of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania, Jadvyga Lisevičiūtė has explained that the essence of the Lithuanian program is that the cultural capital chosen at the state competition not only becomes known but also attracts income to the region.

“The state allocates €58,000. Plus, the tourists flow increases; as a result, the volume of local business grows,” she said.

Lithuanian program and the experience of the city of Telsiai, the cultural capital of Lithuania 2016, shared by another guest Linas Ulkštinas, aroused a deep interest and a heated discussion at the seminar.

Honorary Consul of the Federal Republic of Germany in Kharkiv, Tetiana Gavrish also attended the event. She told about the grandiose transformation of the Ruhr district, Germany, due to the creative economy. The industrial territory turned into a cultural center.

These are excellent examples for Kharkiv which considers moving in the same direction. One of the ideas discussed was Kharkiv to apply for European Capital of Culture title.

Text and photo: Anastasia Mitrofanova