Culture News Society, 03/10/2017

Czech Architects Evaluate Kharkiv

In Yermilov Center, surrounded by artworks of the Imaginary Identities exposition, the Czech architects Marketa Mrazkova and Barbora Shimonova were evaluating Kharkiv.

The girls’ works combine features of various art forms. Their creations include installations, collages, musical and literary pieces about architecture. Marketa and Barbora also founded band, which has been operating as a culture cooperative.

They spent two weeks in the city at the invitation of Yermilov Center. During this time, artists managed to explore the whole downtown and learn a lot about the history of its construction. Based on their observations, they shot a short video inspired by the constructivist buildings in the center and the poem by Volodymyr Mayakovsky, “Look, if the stars are lit…”.

Marketa and Barbora gave a lecture on the Kharkiv architectural space in Yermilov Center. In it, they evaluated the city. According to architects, the most interesting part is the constructivist ensemble on Freedom Square. The girls claim it expresses the idea of a dream come true. Marketa and Barbora consider Kharkiv constructivism as the city’s  main architectural heritage site.



Text: Natalia Ivanova

Photo: X1