News, 24/07/2017

Czech Trolleybuses So High-priced for Kharkiv

The investigation into the case of overpayment during acquisition of 10 used Czech trolleybuses is carried out in Kharkiv.

Recently the court gave legal access to the documents of the transaction to the investigators.

10 Czech trolleybuses Skoda TR14 and Skoda TR15 were bought by the Kharkiv Trolleybus Depot 2 in April-May this year. According to the Kharkiv anti-corruption center activists, who compared similar acquisition transactions in different Ukrainian cities, the price of trolleybuses sold to Kharkiv was 2-3 times higher.

The officials of the Kharkiv Depot paid about 2 million hryvnias for each trolleybus. Therefore, the cost reached almost UAH 19.95 million ($750,000). While in April 2017 Ivano-Frankivsk city council acquired two similar used trolleys four times cheaper. Each Skoda TR14 cost was UAH 636,000 ($23,900).

Chernivtsi city council paid UAH 794,000 ($29,850) for each trolleybus, Kherson paid UAH 1.12 million ($42,100) and  Zaporizhia paid UAH 1 million ($37,600) for each one.

The officials are accused of financial frauds and abuse of office. In case they are guilty, they may spend eight years in prison.

Text: Olena Sokolynska