Culture News, 30/09/2017

Danish Days in Kharkiv

The Danish Days-2017 cultural project will run in Kharkiv from 6 till 14 October. It is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the culture of Denmark and its traditions and take part in interactive events.

The program of the project will include lectures, discussions and roundtables on architecture, democracy and bicycle culture. Danish buildings and workplace design are internationally renowned for clean, simple lines, great materials and classic environments that never go out of style. It is worth to visit a Mental Rebuild lecture by Global Head of Workspace Management and Design Gitte Andersen.

Also, the event brings the Danish cycling lifestyle to Ukraine. It is an opportunity to experience how it feels to ride a bike in Copenhagen. Kharkivites will talk to Danish biking enthusiasts, who will share their experience.

As part of Danish Days in Kharkiv, the Embassy will host a political event called Danish Values in Action. The aim is to shed light on some fundamental Danish values, such as democracy and equality, transparency and quality of life,  and how Danish experience can be applied in Ukraine.

The program of the project also includes a film festival. Kids and adults can watch six modern and classic Danish films including two Oscar winners.

Danish Days also present an international photo exhibition. The purpose is to illustrate how Ukrainians perceive Denmark and Danish values.

The program also includes theatrical performances, graffiti paintings and Danish cooking lessons. For more detailed information look here.

“Danish Days in Kharkiv is an opportunity to understand better the Danish way of living and to deepen the dialogue between our two countries. Danish municipalities and citizens take pride in a culture of trust and in caring for each other and the environment. That’s why Danes are thought to be the happiest people in the world,” say the organizers of the event.

Text: Iryna Klymenko

Photo: Danish Days