Culture News, 17/10/2017

Danish Images Embellish Opera

The best Ukrainian artists are painting graffiti on the back of Kharkiv National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater. 

In the framework of Danish Days 2017, Kharkiv Smart Fest is taking place. It is a street art festival in which more than 10 graffiti artists are participating.

According to the festival organizer, director of Kailas-V creative group, recognized Ukrainian graffiti artists are working on the new design of the theater’s wall.

In the graffiti, they combine the views of Denmark with their own artworks. The picture’s total area is going to be about 500 meters.

“The graffiti will be based on Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales but designed in a contemporary way, which is a great idea. I have noticed a swan, a national bird of Denmark, and that’s doubly satisfying for us,” noted the representative of the Embassy of Denmark in Ukraine Eva Marie Frida Barloese.

Artists plan to put all graffiti in red and white frames which are the colors of the Danish flag.

“We have chosen the Opera Theater because it is a sophisticated building. Many of the graffiti artists dreamed to paint on it,” artist and technical director of Kailas-V creative group Andriy Palval said.

According to the head of the Department of International Cooperation at the Kharkiv City Council Yulia Zgurskaya, the idea to coincide Kharkiv Smart Fest with Danish Days 2017 aims to popularize this country and to develop relations with it.

The artists are going to finish their work by October 20, and a presentation will be held at the end of the festival.

Text: Natalia Ivanova