Culture News, 15/10/2017

Danish Values within Ukrainian Context

On October 13, a panel discussion about Danish values took place within the scope of the Danish Days in Ukraine 2017.

“Оur objective is to shed light on some of the most fundamental values of Danish society and to discuss questions such as democracy, transparency and quality of life. And in addition, we want to see how being implemented in Denmark, these values can also be implemented in Ukraine,” stated the Counselor of the Danish Embassy in Kyiv Eva Marie Frida Barloese.

The rector of the V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University Professor Vil Bakirov supported this idea and mentioned that it is important for Ukraine to learn from experience of the country, where people live a dignified life, which Ukrainians also would like to have in their country. That means the life with respect to human rights, high-quality medicine and education, and of course, intolerance to corruption.

The most attention was paid to openness and transparency of public institutions and servants that reflects the general level of a country’s democracy level. Their main point was made at a general understanding that politicians should serve to support people’s interests, not their own ones. All political procedures are transparent, so that that common people get aware of every decision made by the public servants and moreover, monitor and control them.

Another issue raised in the discussion was the freedom of press and media. According to the speakers, in contrast with the Ukrainian realities, where a great number of TV channels belong to politicians, the media in Denmark is independent and their journalists really do their jobs shedding light to every single aspect of social and political life.

Ukraine has to make a difficult journey towards the implementation of democratic values. Bearing these values, Denmark succeeded in building a society with the highest level of people’s happiness in the world, so that this is the right way to follow.

Text, photo: Marina Kosenko