News Politics Science, 10/07/2017

Drone Monitors Border in the Kharkiv Region

The first launch of a Ukrainian-made drone was performed over the Russian-Ukrainian Border in the Kharkiv region on July 7.

According to the press officer of State border guard service of Kharkiv region Dmytro Kalnitsky, the drones manufactured in Ukraine were purchased about six months ago within the program of technical re-equipment of the border. Now the guards started using the unmanned aircraft for monitoring the border from above and fix violators for 24 hours per day.

For about two months the operators for the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) were trained, studying the basics of piloting, says Andriy Zatsarinnyk who is flying the aircraft from land. He specifies that handling a drone only needs basic knowledge of aerodynamics and might be an easy task for a gamer.

The drone has a camera which transmits information to the monitors of a mobile complex; the border guard observes the drone moving along the border line. The border guards say that air reconnaissance is much more effective than conventional patrols.

Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo: 5 UA