News Science, 07/01/2018

Eco-Lecture on Recycling in Kharkiv

Training, concerning the sorting of garbage, took place in Knygarnya Ye bookstore at the end of last year. The event was initiated by the Kharkiv Zero Waste Campaign members, who aim to promote recycling practices all over Ukraine.

The speaker, eco-activist from Poltava Mykola Riabyka, lectured about different forms of waste, focusing on various types of plastic and their recycling in Ukrainian cities.

According to Mykola, there are many plants for recycling plastic, paper, Tetra Pack packages, luminous tubes, containing dangerous mercury and accumulator batteries in such Ukrainian cities as Lviv, Dnipro, Kyiv and Kharkiv.

He also added that recycling certain types of waste is still unprofitable due to the low volumes of collected waste. Garbage collection, storage, and transportation to the places of recycling facilities are mostly volunteers’ initiatives. Anyway, such initiatives are Ukraine’s huge step towards the ecology-friendly economy.

Mykola Riabyka mentioned that the government and local authorities should provide more actions to motivate people to waste sorting.  What is more, the authorities should suggest measures to ensure more necessary infrastructure for recycling across Ukraine.

Reference: On November 8, the government approved the National Waste Management Strategy by 2030. According to it, Ukraine’s main priority is to prevent generation of waste through re-use, material processing or energy utilization.

Text, photo: Maryna Kosenko