News Politics, 07/12/2017

EU Experts: Waste Incineration is Dangerous for Ukraine

European and Ukrainian experts highlight that introduction of green tariffs for waste incineration in Ukraine might threaten the environment and people’s health.

Also, they specify that the tariff rate has not been economically justified and it contradicts the EU Directives.

Such conclusions were made at the “Moving towards European-style Waste Management. Does Ukraine Need Green Tariffs for Waste Incineration?” roundtable discussion which was held on December 4.

The participants discussed the bill 4835, registered in the Parliament of Ukraine. The bill’s authors offered to regard waste as an alternative source of energy and to provide considerable state subvention or green tariff to enterprises that incinerate waste. However, the offered subvention rate is one of the highest in the country.

“The green tariff for waste incineration is ‘not an appropriate measure’ as it may cause considerably promote incineration with respect to other forms of waste treatment like reuse or recycling, which should be first-priority directions to develop,” Sector Manager at the EU Delegation to Ukraine Jean-François Moret notes.

“Waste incineration leads to emissions of dangerous toxic substances like dioxins, furans, benzopyrenes, heavy metals that are not controlled in Ukraine and the enterprises have to install expensive purification equipment with a long payback period to avoid that,” the speakers stated.

Expert of Environment-People-Law and RPR-Environment group Tetyana Tevkun insists that state incentives of energy production from waste are not included in EU Directives as such finance stimulation of waste incineration will slow down the transition to circular, waste-free economy.

“We think that with this bill, the Ukrainian parliament will open ‘a green corridor’ for fraudulent business practices, which do not care about the safe environment, but only seek to make profits in every possible way,” the members of Environment-People-Law NGO claim.

“Ukraine should develop a new edition of the waste bill that will take into account requirements of environmental safety and the European Directives,” the discussion participants point out.

It is worth adding that in the Kharkiv region people who live near Kochetok resort complain that TSK Recycling Group Limited Liability Company is poisoning the air by incinerating tires without specially equipped cleaning facilities at its waist enterprise. Activists’ struggle is in progress, demonstrating the acuteness of the problem.


Reference: The round table discussion was carried out within “Ukrainian Civil Society for European-style Waste Management” EU-funded project, implemented by Environment-People-Law and Environmental Initiatives NGOs. The same day, the experts had another discussion within this project and called on the government to ban on using three types of pesticides in Ukraine that are considered to be toxic in Europe.

Text, photo: Olena Sokolynska