News Society, 08/07/2019

EU-Networks: Kharkiv and Europe United

Last month on June 12, members of the different EU Networks located in Kharkiv met, for the first time, to discuss possibilities and opportunities for coordinating their efforts.

The meeting format was a strategic session creating a space for discussion, brainstorming and idea-sharing to further foster Kharkiv’s role in European space. Especially in times of political change, such occasions offer a chance to discuss ideas on how Kharkiv city can continue to strengthen its European orientation and invite people to participate in this dialog.

The participants were Euroclubs, Young European Ambassadors, EU Study Days and Team Europe networks. They unite school children, students, teachers, experts and activists.

Among other topics, networks’ leaders talked about the possibility of a think tank in Kharkiv on Ukraine’s European Strategy and how to make Ukraine’s Eurointegration process more productive for all stakeholders. What does Ukraine have to offer and what does the EU have to give in return?

To emphasize already achieved progress and to create a Euro-optimists local ecosystem were just some of the ideas presented. For example, participants talked about the idea of having an EU Networks forum in Kharkiv, that is supposed to take place in November and hopefully increases the visibility of the participating networks.

Furthermore, organizers seek to share and distribute knowledge about Europe among Kharkiv residents. The goal is to create a platform of interest and discussion on European matters, inviting young and elder generations to expand their horizons.

The event was supported by the EU Delegation in Ukraine.

Text: Anabel Garcia

Photo: Olena Rozskazova