News, 11/09/2018

European Commission Helps Kharkiv Region to Work Out Smart Specialization

Kharkiv region is among the three pilot ones to apply a smart specialization concept within the national specialization strategy together with Zaporizhzhya and Odesa.

On September 3-7, experts of the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission held a workshop at the Premier Palace Hotel and V.N.Karazin Kharkiv National University. The event gathered three regional teams to introduce them into the concept of local specializations.  It assumes a place-based policy, focusing on knowledge-based economic transformation, choosing several priority domains from the most perspective ones for this particular region.

In other words, every region has to determine one or several priority areas, which according to the preliminary research data are the most promising ones, and to direct the most of the regional resources and financing for their support.

It was also mentioned that because clusters, and Kharkiv IT Cluster, in particular, serve as the communication platform between universities, business and local authorities, in all probability they will become the main drivers of the future bottom-up strategies.

As a result of the workshops, the three smart specialization teams were appointed for the respective regions. They consist of public figures, who can be drivers for social processes and have an influence on local policies. Right after that, a diagnostic stage is going to start, followed by mapping the domain priorities, estimation of the institutional capacity and the further entrepreneurial discovery process, to facilitate the chosen domain.

The hardest thing is to explain the potential stakeholders and local authorities the reasons for prioritizing these particular domains.

“We are going to create a working model which will stimulate stakeholders to join their forces for the sake of common prosperity,” stated Olga Bolibok, the Project Manager at the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Reform Office.

Thus, there is a hope that the Kharkiv region will manage to gain a working strategy, which will not end its life in the cabinets of local authorities.

Text: Maryna Kosenko