Culture News Society, 23/11/2016

Exhibitions, Performances and Tours for the 20th Anniversary of Outstanding Municipal Gallery

“November is the landmark month for the Municipal Gallery,” says Ms Tetiana Tumasian, the gallery director and curator. “In the last days of November 20 years ago our Gallery came into being.”

The Municipal Gallery Director reminds that each November the significant art projects are held in the exhibition hall,  three years ago that was the program to honor the world famous Kharkiv photographer Boris Mikhailov, and last year the 80th anniversary of a renowned painter Vitalii Kulykov was celebrated with his works exhibitions.

This November has been marked with a festival “restoration project” dedicated to Vagrich Bakhchanian which will last to December 10.

In addition to it a number of other art events make up the celebration program: “SVIATA” special project is opening in KhudpromLoft on November 24, exhibition of paintings by Vitalii Kulykov within “Our Heritage” program is held in VOVATANIA gallery since December 1, and tour around the MG and performance “Power-Meters for Criticism or Kick Art” by Vlas Bielov are planned on December 3.

Summing up the work for 20 years, Tetiana Tumasian claimed that the gallery has been holding hundreds of outstanding professional actions, exhibitions, projects and festivals. The festival of youth projects ‘Non Stop Media’ was unique for Ukraine as well as ‘Night of Museums’, ‘Performances Night’ and ‘Curatorial Intensive’ international educational platform which were the gallery’s innovations.

“Despite the fact that for 20 years our gallery did not expand physically, we grew virtually having spread our projects and visions. We did our best to promote primarily Kharkiv artists, Ukrainian artists, to help the modern art to thrive in Ukraine and all over the world,” said Tumasian.