Culture News Society, 28/02/2018

Exhibits Present Russian-Ukrainian War to Children

A unique museum of ATO exhibits was opened in the Kharkiv regional library for children, 43 Alchevskykh St.

The display has been collected by the joint effort of the library’s administration and the staff. Some volunteers and soldiers are contributing to the collection as well.

Currently, this is a small exhibition of military items, related to the war in the east of Ukraine. The exposition presents flags and various insignia of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, including shell cases, chevrons and models of military equipment. The display also shows some personal belongings of ATO soldiers and books, devoted to the current tragic and heroic events of the Russian-Ukrainian war.

Head of the library’s sector of development and public relations Natalia Salina says the decision to create the Museum of the ATO Heroes precisely in the children’s library was deliberate. “It is the children in the first place whom we need to foster patriotism. The children should know, see and touch what has been happening in our country in the ATO zone,” she noted.

The organizers are not only going to present items but also plan to introduce the ATO heroes and volunteers, fighting in the war.  The books that have been recently written about the war events and the people, creating the newest history of Ukraine, are an indispensable part of the display.

The museum’s curators welcome all kind of support in creating the museum and filling its displays to extend the existing exposition. They expect that people will donate some material objects or share their memories, personal belongings and photos of ATO heroes, defending the independence of Ukraine in the current Russian-Ukrainian war.

Text: Olena Sokolynska