Culture News, 08/10/2017

Fall Chrysanthemum Ball

The sixth traditional Chrysanthemum Ball started in Feldman Ecopark yesterday. Florists planted out flower beds with more than 35,000 chrysanths of different types.

According to the organizers, this year’s ball became better than the previous one by the number of flowers decorating the park. There are several thousand more of them.

Ukrainian and West European florists have grown white and yellow, red and pink, lilac and orange, as well as two-colored chrysanthemums of various sizes and shapes just for the ball at Feldman Ecopark. Over 80 people have been creating flower compositions for more than three weeks.

A variety of flower sculptures became the highlight of the holiday.

“This year, we used middle and late blooming types of chrysanths for compositions. These flowers are almost frost resisting. Therefore, maybe you will see some compositions are not in full bloom. Firstly, the weather is not so good this fall. Secondly, we chose these chrysanths to make the holiday last longer,” senior gardener Mykola Dvoretsky said.

The organizers also prepared various flower photo spots for selfies, so everyone can take some photos.


Text: Iryna Klymenko

Photos: Feldman Ecopark