Business News, 04/12/2017

False Start with Kharkiv E-ticket

On the first day of winter, the system of the integrated all-transport pass was officially launched in Kharkiv. However, it had major operational issues and failures.

At the start, the new electric transport fare payment system called “e-ticket” faced a lot of problems. The terminals did not work at most trolleybus stops on the first day. As a result, many Kharkivites could not buy the announced electronic ticket. Also, validators – electronic devices to control payment – were not installed inside the trolleybuses. Even though they were available, they did not work either. Therefore, traditional conductors have been selling standard paper tickets to passengers for some days.

Also, some newly installed terminals appeared to have been damaged by unknown vandals in different areas of the city.

It is worth mentioning that Kharkivites were eager to pay the transport fees with the new e-ticket. The mayor’s office reported that on December 1, passengers bought 7,500 plastic cards which can be considered a successful start for the city of 1.5 million residents. The officials also stated that “a transition period of several months” is needed for the innovative technology to work properly.

However, some drawbacks of a new system have been revealed – the terminals do not accept UAH 50 and 100 bills which is inconvenient. Also, they are not secured against being vandalized or robbed.

Despite some new system failures, many Kharkivites have supported the electronic fare payment opportunity on social networks. Kharkiv dwellers encouraged the city to move ahead in urban infrastructure innovation and redevelopment.

Text, photo: Olena Sokolynska