News Politics Society, 14/04/2017

Famous Survivor of Nazi Сamps Inspiring Cadets

92-year-old Ihor Malitsky who survived the most horrible Nazi concentration camps Terezín, Oświęcim and Mauthausen in 1943-45 met with Kharkiv draftees.

The meeting took place at the Kharkiv regional military registration and enlistment office.

Veterans of the Second World War and participants of military operations in the territory of other states, as well as members of military-patriotic organizations, took part in the meeting with the young Kharkivites, who are soon going to join military units as recruits.

“I was about your age when the German invaders came to my native Kharkiv and killed my friends. I was not afraid to oppose the enemy and got into a concentration camp. I was not afraid of death. I was only afraid to become a slave and to obey Hitler. Now our state faces the similar challenge, and I call you, my fellow countrymen, to show your courage and patriotism, which will be needed for victory over Russia,” said Ihor Malitsky, who is a veteran of the Second World War and now the chairman of the Kharkiv regional council of anti-fascist resistance.

The cadets took great interest in Ihor Malitsky’s story. They asked the veteran many questions.

During the meeting, a documentary about the atrocities of Nazis in 1939-1945 was demonstrated and the honorary guests compared that to the current acts of terrorists in Donbas.

Ihor Pluhator, Lieutenant Colonel, an officer of the Kharkiv regional military enlistment office, thanked the veterans for their input into the military-patriotic education of young soldiers.

Text: Anastasia Mitrofanova