Culture News Politics Science Society, 12/12/2016

Famous Writers Looking for ‘Fifth Kharkiv’

Tomorrow the “Fifth Kharkiv” project starts at Yermilov Centre gallery. Well-known Ukrainian and foreign writers and scientists are coming to Kharkiv within this art and scientific project, which initiator is a renowned writer Serhii Zhadan. The project is supported by Kharkiv Literary Museum and Karazin Kharkiv National University.

The idea and the name of the project come from the “Fourth Kharkiv” essay by the world famous Kharkiv philologist Yurii (George) Shevelov written in 1948. In this work the scientist analyzes different stages of “self-consciousness” of the city, and the “Fifth Kharkiv” is given as a kind of the “ideal city” vision, which comes out when Ukraine gets independent of Russian oppression and influence.

“Fifth Kharkiv” project is an attempt to find our common urban identity through answering such questions as “Who are we? What is our message to the outside world and what this message should be? How do they see us and what should we become?”, says Serhii Zhadan.

The first project guest is Kyiv writer Oksana Zabuzhko. On 13th December she will present her book “So I’m getting into the tank again” at the Yermilov Centre. The participants will focus on the information wars techniques and their impact on human consciousness. On December 14 the writer will meet with her readers in “Knygarnia Ye” book store.

Further on other influential Ukrainian and foreign writers will come to Kharkiv every month on Serhii Zhadan invitation. Each time the new discussions about “Fifth Kharkiv” will be based on the key ideas of these authors’ books and studies, the organizers explain.

Thus Andrei Kurkov, Yurii Vynnychuk, Andrii Khadanovich and Yurii Andrukhovich will come to Kharkiv soon to talk to the Kharkiv intellectual elite in the framework of the project.

Also Serhii Zhadan is asking Kharkivites to offer their favourite writers as future participants of the project.